1:1 Training

Train in an exclusive gym with 100 % attention and coaching.

Personal Training

We begin by conducting a screening assessment with a health questionnaire and goal setting questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your expectations. We will then carry out some base line testing to understand where you are starting within your fitness journey. Following the testing we'll discuss your expectations and any factors that will restrict your availability to exercise; work, children, running a household etc. Once we have established all these factors an appropriate exercise regime will be formulated for you. You will be given a home programme to complete as working with us once or twice a week will not be enough. The national guidelines now recommend up to one hour every day of either moderate cardiovascular or strength work. However, from our experience at least one day should be a complete rest day to allow the body to recover sufficiently and reduce the risk of overuse training which can lead to injury.

With a one to one trainer you are benefiting from:

  • Exclusive environment where you have the complete attention of the trainer. Where you are given the latest advice on fitness and nutrition and feel invested in 100 percent.

  • Motivation will be in abundance as you will never train as hard with your trainer when you are alone, you will be encouraged and motivated to meet your own set goals with a systematic approach.

  • Consistency will be paramount as you enter a unwritten contract with your trainer and become accountable for your commitment and encouraged to overcome your fears instead of shy away.

  • If you are training with medical needs your knowledgeable trainer will design a progressive programme to suit your medical needs and empower you to succeed.

  • Rosenbaum et al shows that physical activity has a huge impact on increasing self esteem and reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

  • You can choose your training time to suit your schedule and your trainer will always endeavour to accommodate.

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